Flights between Dubai and Sulaymaniyah ISU

Sulaymaniyah to Dubai (ISU-DXB)

Following are the filights arriving at Dubai Airport from Sulaymaniyah

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Dubai to Sulaymaniyah (DXB-ISU)

Following are the filights departing from Dubai Airport for Sulaymaniyah

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Iraq About Sulaymaniyah
Sulaimaniyah is a city in the east of Iraqi Kurdistan. It is situated in the northeast of Iraq, and is the capital of As Sulaymaniyah Governorate.Sulaymaniyah is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Azmar (1700M),Goizja(1525M) and Qaiwan from the north east, Baranan mountain (1373M) from the south and Tasluje hills from the west. The plain of Sharazor lies to the east stretching up to 45 kilometers in length and 15 kilometers in width.The city is 853 meters above sea level,and has a semi-arid climate which is very hot at summer and very cold at winter.Sulaymaniya served as the historic capital of the Kurdish principality of Baban from 1784 to 1850.The modern city of Sulaimanyah was founded in 1784 by the Kurdish prince Ibrahim Pashay Baban who named it after his father Sulaiman Pasha. Because it was founded as the capital of a powerful Kurdish principality,Sulaimaniah has developed into a large city with a population of about 759.508 people. It is the cultural centre of the Sorani-speaking Kurds and an important economic centre for Kurdistan.
Iraq ISU Airport InfoUAE DXB Airport Info
Sulaymaniyah - ISU
Latitude: 35° 33’ 39” N
Longitude: 46° 18’ 53” E
Timezone: GMT +3

Airport Email:

Dubai - DXB
Latitudu: 25° 15' 0" N
Longitude: 55° 20' 0" E
Timezone: GMT +4

Airport Phone: + 9714 2162525
Airport Fax: + 9714 2244067
Airport Email:

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