CX746: Hongkong (HKG) to Dubai (DXB) - Cathay Pacific

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Tuesday April 26, 2011
FromToAirlineScheduledCurrent Status
UAE   DubaiSaudi Arabia   JeddahCathay Pacific CX74617:00:00Arrived
China   HongkongUAE   DubaiCathay Pacific CX74618:10:00Departed

China About Hongkong
Hong Kong is a territory of the People's Republic of China, facing Guangdong to the north and the South China Sea to the east, west and south. Hong Kong is a global metropolitan and international financial centre, and has a highly developed capitalist economy. Under the "one country, two systems" policy and according to Basic Law, it has a "high degree of autonomy" in all areas except foreign affairs and defence, which are the responsibility of the PRC Government. Hong Kong maintains its own currency, legal system, political system, immigration control, rule of the road and other aspects that concern its way of life, many of which are distinct from mainland China
China HKG Airport InfoUAE DXB Airport Info
Hongkong - HKG
Latitude: 22° 18’ 32” N
Longitude: 113° 54’ 53” E
Timezone: GMT +8

Airport Phone: +852 2188 7111
Airport Fax: +852 2188 7937
Airport Email:

Dubai - DXB
Latitudu: 25° 15' 0" N
Longitude: 55° 20' 0" E
Timezone: GMT +4

Airport Phone: + 9714 2162525
Airport Fax: + 9714 2244067
Airport Email:

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